Guest Posting

Are you passionate about writing?

If you have your way around words and think that you can write articles for us, we are looking for you. The mainstay of the articles should be related to online shopping only. You could write an article on anything say how to buy a microwave oven from an online store or an article describing the nitty gritties of shopping online.

The articles must focus on the following themes and ideas:

  1. Articles explaining “how to “ or “what not to” while shopping online;
  2. Blog post on online shopping sites;
  3. The best way to shop when you shop online;
  4. How to gift online;
  5. Tips to follow when shopping online
  6. How to purchase lifestyle and cosmetic products online; and
  7. The brands and the products which are hot in that season at online stores.

The articles must not exceed more than 500 words and sufficient margins must be left on either sides of the page. The article must be written in the first person and must necessarily recount the experiences that the writer has when he or she shops from an online shopping site. There should be no adverse remarks or comments that can detriment or tarnish the image of the online store where the blogger is seeking to write the guest post.

How do you stand to benefit?

Firstly, what we will do is we will give your blog post a back-link which will take the reader to your blog. The back link will be provided by our editor in the body of your article or where we give you credit in the author section.What this will do to your blog posts is that automatically traffic will be generated on your blog page. Once the reader thinks that you write well and gets hooked to your blog site he is sure to visit your blog often and there will be a surge in your RSS feed.You can send you content to the g-mail address provided at the end of this page. Selected articles will be individually informed by mail. You hereby agree that your content if selected will become the proprietary right of the online store.